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About Us

At Australian Sports Car Rentals, we believe it's all about "Quality vehicles & Real Customer Service". We have the largest range of sports and prestige cars available at most cities and destinations throughout Australia. Our national fleet consists of popular brands such as Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes, Mini, Maserati, Aston Martin and Lamborghini just to name a few.

Australian Sports Car Rentals was formed to cover many areas of customer service not being provided by other sports car rental companies. We provide services for sport car rental periods of 5 days plus such as:

Sports Car hotel deliveries & pickups
One-way Sports Car Rentals (Sydney to Melbourne or reverse)
Delivery & returns outside normal business hours
Chauffeured driven Sports Car Rentals

Website Addresses
Sports Car Rentals currently utilise the following website addresses:

Mini Websites - per location:

Industry Leaders
Australian Sports Car Rentals has continued to grow both with its fleet of new sports & prestige vehicles, locations and corporate client accounts. We are the largest Sports Car Rental company in Australia with company locations in New South Wales and Victoria with other locations in our national group throughout the rest of Australia. With our established national network, we can provide you with a choice of over 100 sports or prestige cars Australia Wide.

Vehicle Fleet
At Australian Sports Car Rentals, we have our own fleet of Sports Cars for rent and also have arrangements with other sports car rental companies throughout Australia which we may utilise one of their vehicles to facilitate your rental. Currently, we also have our very own fleet of vehicles in Melbourne & Sydney, being of the highest standard of 2009 - 2014 vehicle models.

All vehicles on are own fleet are generally new and are replaced upon travelling 10 - 95,000klm. This ensures that our vehicle fleet meet your expectations of quality and service.

Franchise Opportunities
We current have some attractive franchise opportunities available thoughout Australia for "return on investment" minded.

Vehicle Investors
If you own a Sports or Prestige Car, we have the perfect opportunity for you to earn a profitable monthly income on your investment.