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guaranteed financial returns

Do you want to rent your car out for a guaranteed monthly financial return? Your exotic, luxury prestige or sports car may be one of your most expensive assets, however this asset, whilst precious, is not always profitable. At Sports Car Rentals we are changing that. Our Rent My Car program provides an instant stream of revenue and cashflow when we rent out your car. And we are not just saying that. We are the only luxury car rental company in Melbourne that will provide you with a minimum annual guarantee. This is payable to you every month just in order to keep your cashflow going.

At Sports Car Rentals we can transform your depreciating investment into a highly profitable money-making tool. Our investment program can provide you with a reliable stream of regular income whilst you continue to own and enjoy your pride and joy. When you place your car with us, you will also receive special discounted rates should decide to rent one of our other exotic, sports or luxury cars.

So why not get in touch with one of our friendly staff today to find out how you can turn your fabulous vehicle into a cash generating machine via our Rent My Car program. This new way to profit from your investment will multiply the pleasure your drive provides.

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